In honor of Nancy Rekow, on Saturday, June 11th from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Bainbridge Library, these friends will show the world what she created through them with a live reading of their self-published book, “Ode to Nancy Rekow”:

  • Adelia Ritchie, Sue Hylen, Beverley West, John Davis, Nancy Taylor, Neil Baker, Diane Moser, John Wilson II, Robert Vandersluis, Ali Edvardsen, Carl Jensen, Ruth Marcus, Al Gunby, Anne Kundtz, Marsha Cutting, Leigh Kennel, Lisa Giles, Marianna Mears, David Stallings, Dawn Jarvela Henthorn, Barb Clark, Kathryn R. Kent, Kris Hotchkiss, Kay Jensen, Diane Walker.

Nancy Rekow’s wisdom and generosity are fondly remembered by these contributors, as well as in the community, for her work spanning over 43 years. She is remembered for such milestones as organizing poetry at the Poulsbohemian, her inspiration in Ars Poetica, or her own publishing through NW Trillium Press, these hardly scratch the surface of the impact she had on the creativity and the lives around her.

So, it was no surprise to anyone who knew her when she was a little girl, perched in an apple tree, how she would live her inspiring life: That she would one day move far, far away to a land where she would express her boundless imagination and energy through her own books, and be honored as our Bainbridge Island Treasure. Some dreams do come true.

You Are Invited! Open to the public. A poetry reading featuring friends of Nancy will take place in the Main Room In honor of Nancy Rekow, the poems collected have been published into a memorial book and will be available for purchase both at the event as well as at Eagle Harbor Bookstore.

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