Learn the basics of designing and block printing your own repeat pattern designs on textiles.

Explore the endlessly creative potential of surface design on textiles in this class for anyone who would love to learn the art of block printing and creating repeat patterns on textiles. It is the slowest process of printing and, once mastered, quite rewarding, showing the artisan’s touch. These techniques date back to ancient civilizations but still stand the test of time in their popularity.

We'll begin the process by designing a simple motif within the confines of a small square, which will then be carved. We'll discuss mixing pigments and the various ways of designing, registering, and repeating motifs when printing on fabric. Then the fun part: testing and printing your design to create various repeat patterns. Demonstrations will help guide you through the entire process all the way through heat-setting.


Christa Schoenbrodt is a life-long Middle Tennessean and has lived a life of creativity. Paper was often her preferred surface as a printmaker and graphic design studio owner (Studio Haus). Then she learned the artistry of block-printing repeat patterns and textile design, which merged perfectly with her design sensibilities. The slower, more experimental pace of hand-printing repeat patterns presented great surprises and opportunities to accept the “imperfections” inherent in the process. She works with textiles using not only block-printing processes but also digital design, silkscreen, Cyanotype and, more recently, sewing.

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