Wire Bending and artificial Bonsai Creation Workshop.

In this fun and creative workshop, you will learn to create a non-traditional upright Bonsai using colored aluminum craft wire. The design for this workshop is a small non-traditional bonsai(various styles available). Multiple wire color combinations are available as well as various bases to choose from (choosing different colors and /or bases may add to the time spent building your bonsai). Tools and materials will be provided at the event.

Beverages and snacks will be available for purchase at the event location.

AND....of course!....you will also get to take home the bonsai tree that you create!

Instructor: Buddy Bassett

***This is an introductory wire bonsai class that outlines the basics of wire bonsai creation. An advanced class will be available for those that have already taken this class and wish to learn more about technique, design, and wire bonsai construction. If interested, inquire with the instructor as Advanced classes are held once there are enough interested students to conduct a class.

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