Learn to edit videos like a pro on your phone, which is like having a video studio in the palm of your hand.

In this intensive, two-day class at BARN, we will take footage you already have or footage you will acquire, and turn it into a work of cinematic art using nothing but your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or tablet.


Courtney G. Jones is a 30-year veteran of the film and television industry and an advocate for the kind of accessibility mobile filmmaking offers. He serves as head of development for Steve Zahn & Rick Gomez’s company, Macaroni Art Productions, and has produced and directed feature films, commercials, documentaries, and series - some shot on mobile. He brings a wealth of technical and creative know-how to the classroom. Courtney’s main goal is to show that anyone can make something amazing with the technology in their pocket. When he is not writing, producing, filming, editing, or teaching, he is typically daydreaming about flying, living on a boat, or trying new recipes.

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