Featuring the World Premiere of the Coast Salish Creation Story - Music by Max Dawes, Narration by Barbara Lawrence.

Kids In Concert (KIC) is excited to present the world premiere of a commissioned piece composed by KIC graduate, Suquamish tribe member, and undergraduate in composition at the Cornish College of the Arts, Max Dawes. The piece is for string orchestra and drums (KIC students) and piano and includes narration by Suquamish Elder and Story Teller, Barbara Lawrence. The commission is the outgrowth of failed efforts to find music written for strings by Native American composers. KIC approached the Suquamish Cultural Committee to suggest the idea and was given the go ahead to score the Suquamish Creation Myth for orchestra and narrator. We are excited to present this beautiful work and to invite young and older alike to hear the story of how the world, the land, the animals and the Coast Salish people in our community came to be. Also included on the program will be KIC student ensembles and choral performances representing all levels. Ticket prices: Adults $25, Kids $10

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