The Kitsap County Courthouse and all County offices are open regular hours Wednesday, December 29, 2021.

Some services may be limited. Please consider delaying your visit or checking the County’s webpage to see if your transactions can be handled on-line before visiting County offices.

If you were scheduled for a District Court case earlier this week, use the LiveChat feature on the District Court home page Wednesday to check on scheduling. For Superior Court cases call the Clerk’s Office (360.337.7164) Wednesday.

The County’s geography means that weather conditions may not be identical across the county. Employees who are not comfortable commuting in current conditions need to notify their supervisor if they are unable to report to work.

County road crews continue snow and ice removal efforts around-the-clock. Significant progress was made today, and work continues overnight. Check the County’s Inclement Weather Page for updates and additional related information. Subscribe to e-mail or text message notifications on that page.

You can also get updated information by calling the Inclement Weather phone line (360.337.5775). You can find a listing of online services at the County's home page

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