The Brick House 714 is a local bar with a fresh look, great food, and live music... Located in the Heart of downtown. Also family friendly until 9 p.m.

From Tammy Frost's website

Tammy Frost started singing as a child; the daughter of professional musicians. Her professional career started in 1994 performing at fairs and festivals all over the Great Northwest. Her Talent of making a tune her own , in concert with the range and purity of her voice, has attracted a loyal following. Tammy has the uncanny ability to craft a standard tune into a fresh soulful rendition.
Allen Alto studied music at Central Washington University where he played in their prestigious Jazz Ensembles. He has done extensive road and studio work with many well-known artists in almost every style of music. This shows in his playing as he blends all those influences into a truly unique style of guitar virtuosity.

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