The Manchester Community Advisory Council monthly meeting Tuesday, August 1 features a presentation and discussion with county staff from the Department of Community Development on Kitsap County's Critical Areas Ordinance (CAO). Critical areas are considered land with natural features that need to be protected such as wetlands, aquifers, streams and other wildlife habitat, and geologically hazardous or frequently flooded areas. The CAO was last reviewed in 2017 and is being updated in conjunction with the county's 2024 Comprehensive Plan Update, with adoption planned in June 2024. Learn more about the CAO at

The council also continues exploring options for slowing down traffic downtown and related safety issues. Kitsap County Department of Public Works traffic engineer Susan Goudy will address questions raised at the June council meeting. The public is welcome to attend and provide input.

Members of the advisory council will also announce upcoming community activities and opportunities. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend to stay informed and engaged. Go to the MCAC website for the meeting agenda.

The MCAC has vacancies for representatives from the schools and Nebraska neighborhood. Visit for more information and the online application.

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