Discover the soul of Brazil as you help prepare Moqueca, one of the most traditional dishes of that country. This flavorful Brazilian fish stew is rooted in the influences not only of the Indigenous, Portuguese, and African people who make up the rich and lively culture of Brazil, but also in the Chef Sandra’s childhood. Moqueca is made with fish, shrimp, coconut milk, tomatoes, onions, garlic, fresh cilantro, dende (palm oil), and spices, and served with rice the Brazilian way (a vegetarian version made with plantain will be offered). We'll also make a traditional side dish called farofa.

Taught by Chef Sandra Rocha Evanoff.  Chef Sandra was born in the Bahia region of northern Brazil, and was introduced to the kitchen at a young age while assisting her mother in her small bed and breakfast. She learned about fresh foods from her father who operated a fresh fruit market. When she began her university studies, she started a business called "Feijoada to Go,” preparing the most traditional dish of Brazilians. She graduated in international relations in Sao Paulo, but food is her passion, her "real carnival." Eventually, relocating to the Pacific Northwest, she relishes the opportunity to share the the “true” ways and tastes of Brazil with others.