Ages 21+. Join us at BARN's Kitchen Arts Studio to experience the flavor of the Salish Sea and learn about the natural history of our regional bivalves.Throughout the course of the evening, we will enjoy around a dozen oysters (give or take, depending on your appetite), highlighting three different types common to our area. You’ll learn how to shuck, present, and pair oysters.

Stephen Schreck moved to Bainbridge Island in 2017 to work with Puget Sound Restoration Fund where he gained an intimate knowledge of the Salish Sea and assisted with marine restoration projects. Turns out, this special place needs some assistance in restoring Olympia oysters, the pinto abalone, and kelp. Stephen founded Salish Sea Greens, a food company focused on offering sustainable kelp-based foods, pop-up oyster bars, and private dinner parties. Today, he also works with Fletcher Bay Winery as the sales manager and has an intimate knowledge of local wines and the wines that pair best with seafood.