This event is for those who just want a place to dance freely! Nothing else to worry about but movement. Join me as I take you on a musical journey through this movement. First, the rules. No talking. No shoes. No cell phones or camera. No judgement. This event is just for moving however you see fit. I start out slowly to warm up the body and get you into the present moment. Then I ramp up the beats to faster harder songs, where we will sweat out our feelings and move into the moment. Then I gently bring you back down with slower songs. We finish laying on the floor in silence to soak in what just happened. Sometimes known as ecstatic dance, or freeform dance, this unique event in Kitsap is one of a kind!

Purchase tickets at for just $22 each!

All are welcome. LGBTQ+ welcome. Poly and ENM welcome. Disabilities welcome. Children welcome (if you think they can follow the rules!). You are free to be you here.

Join us on Friday September 16th from 7pm to about 9 at Tones Fitness: 900 Pacific Ave Bremerton, WA. Please arrive by 7, circle starts at 7:15 and you must be at circle to participate.