We've conditioned our brains into not loving ourselves. Shame, guilt, self-sabotage, stress, disgust. These are the ways that we victimize ourselves into thinking we aren't enough to love. The problem is that we can't just live a lifetime of not loving ourselves, then think our way to self love. We have to feel it through the body. This workshop is devoted to self love through the nervous system. Through safety, belonging, gratitude, embodiment, guided meditation, and literally picking up your self love you'll learn how to love yourself with more than just thoughts. You'll learn how to love yourself with your whole body! This is the cutting edge of psychology, and it's right where Tantra begins. MOTHERS DAY: Bring your mom for the ultimate gift on Mother's Day! Flowers, candles, and brunch can't compare to the life long gift of teaching her how to love herself more! This is a safer space for all. LGBTQ+ welcome. Poly and ENM welcome. Disabilities welcome and accommodated. All races and religions welcome. All of you is welcome here. 

Tickets are $60 for one, $50 each for two or more, or $40 scholarships for those who feel they can't afford the full price. Click "view more price options" at checkout to see all these prices. You will be forwarded to Mystic Movement's website to purchase. They do not offer refunds on workshops.

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