Summertime – smARTfilms: Documentary Roulette Series SUMMERTIME (2020) 1H35M
Following the intersecting stories of young poets in Los Angeles, Director Carlos Lopez Estrada began at a poetry showcase where young performers across LA recited their fearlessly personal poems about themselves, their communities and their relationship to their city. Estrada then developed these stories into an inter-woven and moving narrative – part contemporary poetic musical and part sociological art. Colorful, exciting and humorous, these passionate young people deliver a positive message of hope to a reality-beaten world. A darling at the Seattle International Film Festival in 2021.

SHOWINGS: smARTfilm series offers two film showings each day! Matinee: 2pm Evening: 7pm


  • Series Passes – $30 Member | $36 Non-Member See all four films for the price of 3! Series pass holders are entitled to attend one showing per film (fourtotal showings per series pass). Series pass holders can use their pass at their choice of either the matinee or evening showing for each film. Simply show up at your desired showing and we’ll check you off our list!
  • $10 Member | $12 Non-Member WHEN Aug 30, 2022 7:00pm

WHERE: Frank Buxton Auditorium - Bainbridge Island Museum of Art