Wanna go from just surviving your emotions to using them as fuel for your life? Lean a Tantra technique called Emotional Liberation where we will use breath, movement, sound, and pleasure to move stuck emotions, thoughts, and blockages. When you liberate these blocks, you can live life more authentically! Imagine a life where you can make choices that aren't controlled by fear, anger, shame, or guilt. Where judgement doesn't lurk around every corner waiting to pounce! You can live in high vibration emotions and that can help you attract your desires, have more ecstatic pleasure, experience freedom in your body, and not be afraid of what lies beneath! Emotions are designed to move through your body as messengers. But trauma, stress, poor sleep, and just not knowing how to handle tough situations can cause the emotions to get trapped in the body instead of moving through it easily. These trapped emotions can cause long term issues like depression, anxiety, disorganization, dissociation, and a general lack of interest in life. Take back your fire in life with this Tantric practice! In Tantra, we see emotions as life force energy! They are potent energy packets that you can use to fuel your day! Liberate these energies and feel how you can be more alive, energized, electrified by them! There are no "good" or "bad" emotions. They are all neutral, so you can use any emotion that arises as this fuel! This is an incredible technique and you don't need any prior experience to use it! I teach it in an accessible, safer, and consensual way so that you can get the benefits immediately! You'll also leave with detailed instructions on how to do it at home so you can go even deeper! We will be using solo pleasure in this workshop, and nudity will be allowed. It's not necessary for you to use pleasure or nudity to learn the technique. However, you must be comfortable with pleasure and nudity around you. This workshop is a safer space for all. LGBTQ+ welcome. Poly and ENM welcome. Witches welcome. Disabilities welcome and accommodated. I believe black lives matter, and black pleasure should be celebrated! Tickets are $60 for one, $50 if you buy 2 or more, and $40 scholarships. Scholarships are available to those who feel they can't afford the full price. Scholarships are available online only until 24 hours prior to the workshop start time. There are 4 scholarships available per workshop, so buy early to get this price!