Celebrate creativity and community on Bainbridge Island!

Explore The Bridge festival in downtown Winslow then extend your journey to Bloedel Reserve for poetry, painting, walks, talks, and art exhibitions. Each day of the week is a unique experiential immersion into creativity and connection. Collaborations Past Creative Residents Byron Au Yong, Kimberly Trowbridge, Catherine Alice Michaelis, Jori Lewis, Simone Baron, and Dann Discligio are leading community activities throughout the week at Bloedel Reserve and BARN.

Activities include an environmental installation led by Allison Stigora and constructed with community participation, a demonstration with Community Creative Melinda Hurst Frye showing how she takes ethereal fungi (and other) photography using a scanner, tree round printing, poetry, book readings, musical experiences, and more! Tree round printing with Catherine Alice Michaelis Listening to the inner workings of a tree with Dann Discligio Trees creating their own poetry through electromagnetic modulations made by the trees themselves in collaboration with Scott Kildall An evening of poetry and nature musings with CMarie Furhman and Hollie Hughes.

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