Learn how to take a project from an idea to a well-developed plan that's ready for building in this class at the BARN Woodworking Studio. See the steps an experienced furniture maker goes through before he's ready to build a project. Then, with his guidance, go through those steps on a project of your choice.

  • Day 1: View examples of the instructor's work and discuss the design steps that went into them. Learn how to go from a sketch to a detailed, scaled drawing. Using a simple class project, go through these steps yourself.
  • Day 2: Bring a sketch of the project you want to build. In class, develop a scaled drawing that includes joinery details so you can develop a parts list and the steps needed to build the piece.

Taught by John McCormack, a furniture designer, maker, and teacher living and working in Port Townsend. A graduate of the cabinet and furniture making program at North Bennet Street School in Boston, he holds a Master in Fine Arts in furniture design from Rhode Island School of Design. He has written for various publications, including "Fine Woodworking," which featured his piece on "The Ultimate Crosscut Sled" on its cover. He got his start in woodworking by studying under John Kassay, author and expert on Shaker and Windsor furniture.

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