Photo of BARN’s Woodworking Basics Certificate Program Gains Traction

Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network (BARN) developed the new Woodworking Basics certificate program earlier this year. Seventeen woodworkers have applied for the program so far!

Jeanne Huber is primarily responsible for designing the certificate program and working through the lengthy application process to make sure it complies with the rigorous standards of Washington state’s Workforce Training & Education Coordinating Board. The program is based on the board’s requirements for post-secondary education.

BARN’s Woodworking Basics certificate program is comprised of the eleven existing wood shop classes included in the Woodworking Basics series, along with the orientation, two tool safety classes (Woodshop Tool Safety Checkout 1Tool Safety Checkout 2) and a mentored final project class.

Taking advantage of the class line-up BARN already provides for all interested woodworkers, the program constitutes a structured and systematic introduction to woodworking. Read more about BARN’s Woodworking Basics certification program.

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