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We are honored to be offering basketry classes from these acclaimed artists in the next few months.

Polly Adams Sutton is a Seattle artist. Her educational background is in Fine Art with an emphasis on painting and printmaking. She harvests cedar bark each spring in logging areas throughout Washington. Her sculptural work is primarily twined, although she experiments with wire as a woven element in her asymmetrical shapes. Polly’s work has won numerous awards and is exhibited in galleries nationwide.

Lisa Telford (born in Ketchikan, Alaska) is a Git'ans Git'anee Haida weaver who creates contemporary garments, shoes, and other objects using Northwest Coast style weaving techniques. At the age of 32, she began learning to weave traditional Haida baskets from her aunt, Delores Churchill, and traditional cedar garments from her cousin, Holly Churchill. Her work serves as a commentary on Native identity, stereotypes, and fashion.

  • Weaving Retreat
    3 Sessions, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
    May 27, 28 & 29, 8:00 am - 5:30 pm
    Treat yourself to a weekend of weaving! Join your fellow weavers for a three-day retreat where we blast through a project, start to finish. Enjoy sharing your project with your fellow weavers and marvel at the variety of projects warped and ready to weave.
BARN Fiber Studio. Image c/o BARN.
Photo of BARN

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