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The Kitsap County Community Development Department is developing revisions to Kitsap County Code Chapter 17.490 Off-Street Parking and Loading to encourage and require new development and applicable redevelopment to install facilities for bicycle parking and electric vehicle charging. This project builds on suggested changes for bicycle parking presented by the Kitsap County Non-Motorized Facilities Committee in early 2021.

The project scope will include:

  • Guidance for bicycle parking and electric vehicle charging facilities for new construction and applicable redevelopment in urban areas, Rural Commercial and Industrial zones, and LAMIRDs only
  • Establish minimum standards and encourage provision of additional facilities with incentives
  • Establish location, dimension, material, design, numeric, and other standards
  • Revise/add applicable definitions as needed in 17.110

    The objectives of the Bicycle and Electric Vehicle Code Update include:

    • Increase non-motorized and low/no emission transportation options
    • Improve public health outcomes via cleaner air and active transportation
    • Reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions and help support Puget Sound Regional Council Vision 2050, Countywide Planning Policies, Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan, and Kitsap County Climate Change Resiliency Assessment goals and outcomes.

      Please take this survey by February 18 to provide feedback about bicycle parking and electric vehicle charging to help staff develop the new code.

      We anticipate holding public open houses in March and April to discuss draft code. You can expect additional updates as those dates are scheduled, but details about the project will also be available on the project website.

      For More Information

      Should you have any questions during this process or would like to arrange a meeting, please contact Melissa Shumake, or Kitsap 1 at (360) 337-5777.

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