Photo of Harborside Fountain Park

The Harborside Fountain Park is located at 252 1st Street between the Shipyard and the Bremerton Ferry Dock. The park is known to hold certain ticketed events and weddings but is open to the public year around. From the waterside, the park stretches past the Puget Sound Navy Museum and connects with Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Memorial Plaza.

Gary Sexton, Bremerton's former redevelopment projects administrator, hand-picked many of the mature trees and vegetation to give the park an established look.
Park consists of 5 large copper-ringed fountains, which are programmed to change the water patterns.
Snowfall on rocks carved by Will Robinson, a Bremerton sculptor.
Bremerton-Seattle car ferry with the M/V Carlisle foot ferry behind it. The local foot ferries shuttle passengers between Bremerton and the nearby communities of Port Orchard and Annapolis.
The wading pools are a favorite for families with toddlers to enjoy during the summer.
Sail of the USS Parche in front of the Puget Sound Navy Museum. The Museum building was built by the U.S. Navy in 1896 and was originally located in the shipyard, serving as the yard's headquarters.