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Just because we cannot get together in person these days doesn’t mean we can't share a dark and stormy night together virtually and leave our worries behind. Grab a cocktail (here's the recipe for a "Dark And Stormy"), light a candle, settle in and join us online October 30th at the witching hour of 5:00. When the sun sets and the October winds blow outside, it's time to spin the tales, explore the unknown and journey to the dark side. Shadows gather in corners of the yard and nearby trees sway, branches creaking. The sounds of our island are growing quiet and ominous.

“Every year, as the nights lengthen and Halloween looms, I look forward to this gathering of amazing authors and the unnerving tales of terror they weave," said Lynn Brunelle, one of the featured writers. "It’s my new favorite Halloween tradition!”

We have a stellar lineup of local authors who have penned original stories to read to us. In addition to Brunelle, you'll hear from Garth Stein, Elizabeth George, Megan Chance and more. Proceeds will help fund BARN youth scholarships. Register today to receive the Zoom link, and join us if you dare!

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BARN (Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network) is the center for craft and invention on Bainbridge Island, Washington. They support an open, inter-generational community of artisans and makers who are dedicated to learning, teaching, sharing, and inspiring one another with creativity, craftsmanship and community service. BARN includes artisan studios in the following disciplines: Electronic and Technical Arts, Fiber Arts, Glass Arts, Jewelry & Fine Metals, Kitchen Arts, Media Arts & BCB, Metal Fabrication, Print & Book Arts, Woodworking and Small Boat Building, and Writers. To learn more visit

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