Photo of Julie Anne Mann's Forest Portraits Exhibition at Roby King Gallery

Artist Julie Anne Mann, an Olympic Peninsula native, comes home in her first West Coast showing of Forest Portraits. Julie Anne’s collection of evocative large scale, etched drawings make their debut at Roby King Gallery on Bainbridge Island, December 3rd - 31st, 2021.

The Forest Portraits series depicts the unusually anthropomorphic nature of conifer trees found in the Pacific Northwest. Walnut burl panels create a naturally intricate and fluid backdrop that suggests the inhabitants densely wooded, mossy surroundings, while patient rendering using a cross hatch technique transforms silver leaf into sentient characters that casts an ethereal glow around each subject. This collection of work unravels a surprising narrative between the exposed roots of actual trees found in the Olympic National Park that have grown up on nurse logs to reveal the mysteries underneath our feet.

Born in Bremerton and raised in Port Angeles, Julie Anne left Washington to pursue an education and career in New York. Having graduated from the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in Manhattan she continued to engage in the arts showing nationally and garnered several grants and awards. Her work is imbued with and sensitive to the delicate beauty and conflicting realities of the natural world, a reflection of an upbringing in the Pacific Northwest where the landscape was a strong focal point in both education and recreation. Weaving together allegorical lore, empirical studies, amassed natural objects and situational objectivity, Julie Anne creates engaging narratives in a multitude of mediums. Recently relocating to the Peninsula after 25 years in New York, she plans to continue her artistic practice, honing past experiences and shaping a new future surrounded by the mountains and the sea.

The image at the top of this page is 'The Lovers' - walnut burl, silver leaf, 48 x 72 inches. More information on this, and other works, can be found at

'Seeker' - walnut burl, silver leaf. Julie Anne Mann.