Photo of Kitsap County welcomes diversity, equity, and inclusion manager next month!

Kimberlee Yolanda Williams joins Kitsap County as its first Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) manager. The focus of this new position is to lead the creation and implementation of Kitsap County’s strategic plan, ensuring Kitsap County government provides equitableand inclusive services and resources, and that its policies reflect those same values. Kimberlee will also engage with community members through outreach, forums, and other public events to promote and extend engagement, collaboration, and partnerships. She begins her position with Kitsap County November 6.

“The Board of Commissioners is delighted to welcome Kimberlee to Kitsap County. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and is the right person to lead this commitment to improving how we do business, from our services to our policies. She will help ensurewe’re meeting the needs of everyone while fostering and deepening community engagement,” said Commissioner Charlotte Garrido, chair of the Board of Commissioners.

Kimberlee has an extensive background as a diversity trainer, consultant, and educator. She has worked with organizations and individuals to develop strategic plans that help move DEI efforts forward. Her dynamic assessment and program implementation has been instrumental in integrating anti-racist and DEI principles throughout policies, procedures, and practices.

"I’m looking forward to joining Kitsap County and strengthening our community connections. Bringing people of all backgrounds together is my passion, one of my purposes, and the gift that has sprinkled glitter on this path called life,” Kimberlee said.

Kimberlee earned a bachelor of arts degree in foreign language education from the University of Maryland, and a master of science degree in education from Dominican University. She is also an award-winning author, dancer, and choreographer.

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