The Kitsap Public Health Board is expanding this year to include non-elected community members. Qualified Kitsap residents are encouraged to apply.

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The Kitsap Public Health Board has reopened the application period for one nonelected Health Board position. The Board is seeking additional applicants for a position representing "consumers of public health."

Per state law, the consumers of public health position must be held by a Kitsap resident who self-identifies as having experienced significant health inequities or having lived experience with public health services. The law also strongly encourages that preference be given to individuals from historically marginalized and underrepresented communities. Learn more about eligibility for this position.

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Additional information and application materials are posted on the Kitsap Public Health District website. Applications will be accepted through July 14, with a first review of applications scheduled for July 8. If you have questions about this position, please call 360-728-2330 or email

The Health Board is no longer accepting applications for two other nonelected positions representing public health and healthcare facilities, and other community stakeholders. The Health Board's Personnel Committee is scheduling interviews with finalists for these two positions.

The Health Board is expanding from seven to 10 members this year to meet the requirements of a recently enacted state law. Three nonelected community representatives and two nonelected tribal representatives will serve alongside five local elected officials on the restructured Board (scroll down for details).

Per state law, the three nonelected community members must represent three categories: public health/healthcare facilities, consumers of public health, and other community stakeholders. The Board accepted applications for the nonelected positions from May 23 to June 23. Thirty-nine residents applied for positions on the Board.

The "consumers of public health" position received fewer applications than the other two positions. The Board's Personnel Committee decided to reopen the application period for the position to ensure a broad pool of applicants.

Kitsap Public Health Board restructure
The Kitsap Public Health Board is restructuring in 2022 to meet the requirements of Engrossed Second Substitute House Bill 1152, codified in RCW 70.46.031 and WAC 246-90. The current and future board structures are explained in the graphic below:

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