Photo of Lay Out and Cut Numbers With the CNC Plasma Cutter

On Monday, June 19th, this introduction to the CNC (computer numerical control) plasma cutter will focus on safety, general principles, start-up, and shut-down procedures of Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network's CNC plasma cutter. Plasma is an ionized high-temperature arc that cuts through metal when combined with a directed jet of compressed air. Just as with BARN’s other metal fabrication CNC machines, this system is based on the Centroid Acorn CNC controller and has a similar Virtual Control Panel.

The design you bring to class will be created in Fusion 360 with most any font you wish. Once in Fusion 360, the design will be post-processed to produce the G-code (geometric code) to cut your specific design. G-code is the control language that commands the CNC plasma cutter when and where to cut.

With the G-code created and fundamentals of safe operation out of the way, you’ll learn the basics of machine operation: X- and Y-axis motion of the machine, torch height control, and Centroid’s Virtual Control Panel. Then you’ll cut your masterpiece!

Photo of BARN

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