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Little Free Libraries are a worldwide thing! Many people who build them register them with the nonprofit organization Little Free Library - which boasts of there being over 100,000! Search the site by zip code to find them in your neighborhood or nearby neighborhoods. Because not everyone registers their library onto the site, finding them may mean keeping an eye open while walking or driving around.

Some Little Free Libraries express the builder's vocation or their passion. Below, on the left, is one in Manette where a local designer adorned it with a block print design of a folk flower. The example on the right is located in Port Orchard and resembles a TARGIS - built like a 1960's London police call box and used as a time machine/space craft in the classic, British TV show Dr. Who.

2404 East 16th Steet, Manette.
6186 Grandridge Drive SE, Port Orchard.

Meanwhile, some structures escape the painter's brush and take on a more rustic image. Below, the library on the left is located on Bainbridge Island while the one on the right is located in East Bremerton near Illahee. 

Down Janelle Place NW, Bainbridge Island.
3473 NE Shore Cliff Street, Illahee.

Other Little Free Libraries are 'twinsies' because of the similarities of their design. The two, below, were made by two friends who scoped out and studied other libraries around Bremerton before building their own at different locations. 

Around Helena Drive NE, East Bremerton.

914 Nipsic Avenue, Manette.

In addition to the Little Free library link, above, there is a homegrown Facebook page originating in North Kitsap that's devoted to them. This Facebook page, North Kitsap Little Free Libraries, highlights many of the Little Free Libraries in the Poulsbo, Kingston, Hansville, Indianola, and Suquamish areas. Below is one such library located in Kingston at the corner of Bannister and Oregon Streets behind the Kola Kole Park. This one serves a dual purpose - books and a community pantry! Giving or getting, walking or driving, finding Little Free Libraries may be an enjoyable destination excursion!

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