A common question that comes into my inbox is from writers looking to join or create a writing group. It’s not always so easy. Established groups may not be open to new members, or perhaps you find someone interested but schedules don’t align. Critique groups are different than groups that gather for writing practice and sprints. Every group develops its own rhythm and ways of working together. That trust can take some time to build, but once you do, it is so rewarding. I don’t believe there is ever a shortage of writers seeking company of like-minded practitioners but finding those matches can be challenging.

Here are some places to start:

  • Check out our free-for-members Write Now sessions on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and Wednesday evenings, to connect with other writers who enjoy the group writing experience.
  • Join us on Slack. This messaging tool is easy to use. Sign in with this link to subscribe. We have channels for critique groups and beta readers. If you need assistance getting started, just let me know.
  • Online resources. There are a number of online writing communities out there, which can be very helpful. Some are free and some require a membership. Visit our Slack channel to view some options and add your own suggestions.
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