Only one weekend remains for Silent Sky. Don't miss your chance to see this beautiful and inspiring story behind the women who mapped the stars.

Photo of Only One Weekend Left to See "Silent Sky"

Featuring the all-star cast of Katie Sweeney, Josi Twigt, Tim Drier, Michelle Lynn Conklin, and Karyn Rondeau. Sponsored by Frank Petrie and the Battle Point Astronomical Association.

A decade before women gained the right to vote, Henrietta Leavitt and her fellow women “computers” transformed the science of astronomy. In the Harvard Observatory, Leavitt found 2,400 new variable stars and made important discoveries about their fluctuating brightness, enabling fellow scientists to map the Milky Way and beyond. This inspiring drama explores the determination, passion and sacrifice of the women who redefined our understanding of the cosmos.

General Admission: $25
Senior/Student: $21

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