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Point No Point County Park and Light Station remains closed to vehicular traffic due to storm and flooding impacts. A portion of Point No Point Road remains closed to the public (but is open for the US Coast Guard, employees of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and U.S. Lighthouse Society, U.S. Lighthouse Society vacation rentals, contractors, and service vehicles, which will display a permit in their vehicles).

Pedestrian access to Point No Point Park is permitted from Thor's Road trailhead. Please obey all trail signs and respect private property.

On May 1, the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) opened its parking lot located on Point No Point Road for the summer season. The lot may be used as a place for visitors to park and walk to Point No Point Park. A Discover Pass is required to park in the WDFW parking lot and can be purchased online or in person. Details at

Visitors are asked to:

  • Respect the beach and tidelands on both sides of the WDFW access area, as they are privately owned, and treat these areas with care and consideration. Refrain from stopping or loitering on private tidelands.
  • To reach Point No Point Park, visitors should walk along the road; this is indicated on the provided map and signage. This route is intended to lead visitors to the park safely while minimizing disturbance to the neighboring properties.

For questions or more information, please contact

Park repairs and beach rehabilitation are currently under evaluation; park access and use may change to accommodate construction and repair work. New updates will be posted as needed.

Details at or visit the Kitsap County Parks website at

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