(Port Orchard, WA) - The Kitsap County Fire Marshal is implementing a stage 2 burn ban beginning Wednesday, July 12. "Kitsap County is about a month ahead of fire conditions we normally see during this time of year due to a dryer than normal spring, according to David Lynam, Kitsap County's Fire Marshal. "Weather predictions call for normal or below precipitation and above normal temperatures over the next couple of months," Lynam added.

Under a stage two burn ban, all outdoor burning – including recreational fires is prohibited.

The ban includes recreational fires in the open – like those on beaches or bonfire locations, improved fire pits in yards, parks or camping areas, backyard or other outdoor fireplaces or similar in improved firepits, backyard fireplaces, beach or bonfires, are prohibited.

Burning permits are suspended, all outdoor burning is suspended, recreational burning is now prohibited including those in improved fire pits in parks or campgrounds, outdoor fireplaces and similar appliances, and the use of charcoal or charcoal briquettes unless the use involves a barbeque or other appliances specific for the purpose and occurs over a non-combustible surface like concrete.

"We regularly review conditions but based on forecast I anticipate the ban remaining in place until the fall rains," Lynam added. You can find updates and other information online at the Fire Marshal's Office Burn Ban page.

David Lynam, Kitsap County Fire Marshal
360.337.5777 or dlynam@kitsap.gov

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