Photo of Tips for Motorists to Safely Navigate Roundabouts

Roundabouts continue to be constructed throughout Kitsap County, significantly improving the safety of intersections. The use of roundabouts results in fewer conflict points, reduces the speed of motorists and helps avoid more severe collisions. Here are some safety tips when using roundabouts:

  • Slow down as you approach the intersection.
  • Watch for pedestrians and bicycles as you enter and exit the roundabout.
  • Watch for signs and pavement markings that guide or prohibit certain movements.
  • Yield to vehicles already in the roundabout. Enter the roundabout when there is a large enough gap in circulating traffic.
  • Drive in a counterclockwise direction. Do not stop or pass other vehicles.
  • Use turn signals when changing lanes or exiting the roundabout.
  • If you miss your exit, continue around until you return to your exit.

For more information regarding traffic safety, visit and view this roundabout safety tips video from the Washington State Department of Transportation.

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