Kitsap County, WA: Up From Slavery Initiative (UFSI, sponsored by the United Way of Kitsap) will host a Race and Equity Summit entitled “Elevating Tough Conversations To Move Forward Together,” on Friday and Saturday, March 25 - 26, 2022.

Friday’s programming requires advance registration at $50 per person. Saturday’s programming is free and open to the public. The summit will follow COVID-19 safety protocols. Friday’s programming will be held at the Marvin Williams Center at 725 Park AVE in Bremerton. Saturday's FREE EVENT will be held at Bremerton High School at 1500 13th ST. Registration opens February 13. For more information and to register, visit

Through the summit, UFSI will encourage unity, understanding, and resolve to address the systemic issues that are so entrenched for our communities of color, on local and national levels.

To heal and break the mental and physical shackles of systematic oppression, we must start with barriers closest to us. This begins with UFSI fostering a collective dialogue in Kitsap County, to prepare now for the solutions of tomorrow.

“We believe not only in proactive dialogue, but also in implementing action to heal, inform, and empower our marginalized communities. Our goal is to create and sustain equity for black and brown people within our three pillars of service: racial justice, financial literacy, and wellness,” said USFI Board President Darryl Riley.

“Elevating Tough Conversations To Move Forward Together” will not be a place to point fingers and place blame. The summit will be a time to learn and to be educated on different perspectives. It will be a time to listen with the intent to understand our community’s needs in regard to equity. It will be a time to come together and commit to the process of healing, so we can progress forward together.

Summit workshops will be empowering and informative. Panels will give hope and assurance. The keynote presentation will be thought provoking and powerful. Please visit for more details. Up From Slavery Initiative (UFSI) invites the community to come with an open mind and heart and leave inspired to look inward in ways that transform systems and lives.

Up From Slavery Initiative’s purpose is to heal, inform, and empower our marginalized and underserved communities through racial justice, financial literacy, and wellness. Through this process we are making our brothers’ and sisters’ problems our problems, while solving them together. UFSI’s vision is to build sustainable wealth and self-empowerment among the black and brown community, creating pathways to freedom. Learn more at