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Because of COVID-19, people are spending a lot more time than usual at home behind closed doors. Often, before we get to go through doors we come upon door mats, and while a sisal or rubber item was originally intended for the express purpose of keeping dirt outside, they now carry a vast array of messages. Off-the-shelf ones can bear such uplifting words as Believe, Inspire, or simply the traditional and warm Welcome. They may be imprinted with attractive patterns, or be plain and practical. Those with hobbies such as fishing, gardening, golfing, or who love specific dog and cat breeds want others to know it. Even more specific about who may enter their door, some have mats that say ‘Welcome’ unless you are: that ***** and a person’s name is inserted. Recently, a neighbor without a doormat said she had removed hers because it read, ‘Go Away’ and that wasn’t how she felt anymore. 

In these trying times, restricted from living our habitual lives and carrying out our usual activities, we’re feeling and thinking in ways we may never have done before. And the experiences are not the same for everyone. Some may find time speeded up as they continue to go to essential jobs. Their heads barely hit the pillow before they begin another shift performing indispensable tasks that keep us all afloat. For others there is time to cleanup and sort through an accumulation of forgotten possessions, a task they’ve been meaning to do for years. We discover that living in close quarters with kids home from school and others working from home or currently unemployed test our patience. On the other hand, some folks decide that once we’re back to normal, whatever that turns out to be, they will spend more time with family and friends and less using electronic devices. 

Image from Sarah Grant Designs.

Sayings abound about tough situations that will pass, and how people will make it to the other side. This is true! With grassroots ideas sprouting freely, and so many helpers connecting to support them people are finding resources. When doors along the Kitsap Peninsula reopen our door mats might say: Practical Dreamers Live Here!

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