Photo of Winter Preparedness Notice from Kitsap County Public Works

As the winter season approaches, Kitsap County Public Works is making preparations to tackle the challenges that come with inclement weather. Our dedicated team is geared up and ready to ensure the safety and accessibility of our roads during the colder months.

To stay informed about the latest updates on road conditions and traffic impacts, we encourage you to subscribe to our County Road Report. By doing so, you will receive real-time notifications and valuable insights that can help you plan your travels more efficiently and navigate any challenges posed by winter storms. Subscribing is quick and easy! Visit and sign up for the County Road Report alerts. You'll gain access to timely updates, road closures, and traffic advisories directly via text or email.

Stay informed about facility closures, delayed openings, and pertinent updates by visiting our Inclement Weather & Emergency Information page at Explore links to the County's snow and ice response plan and priority plowing map for details on our actions during adverse weather conditions.

Thank you, and let's make this winter a safe and secure one for everyone in Kitsap County!

Image of Manette Bridge from February 10, 2019.

Photo of Kitsap County Government

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